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During his interrogation of Jesus (John 18:28-38), Pontius Pilate wondered who was sitting across from him.

“You are a king, then” he concluded.

“You say that I am king,” Jesus replied. “I came to bring truth into the world.”

To which, Pilate said, “What is truth?”

So what is truth?

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Last week Monday, a parishioner was kind enough to pick my son up from school. To show our appreciation, we decided to bring “Grandma” a thank-you gift.

But when we got to her house, no one was home. No big deal. We’ll just leave the gift at her door and go home.

But my son had a different idea.

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Before my ordination, I spent my summer at a retirement community in Northern Virginia. My role as chaplain intern involved making daily visitations with its residents.

During one visit I met an 85-year-old Southern woman named Martha. Martha lived alone on the assisted living ward due to blindness. Her husband of over fifty years died decades earlier.

Curious about the longevity of their marriage, I asked her, “What was your secret to a long marriage?”

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In Isaiah 62:1-5, good news comes from God’s own lips. “I will not be silent,” he shouts to his people. “I will not rest. I will vindicate you. You will be a crown of beauty in my hands.”

These are words that would put anyone at ease. Our lives are now in God’s hands! But in the context of this passage, people still struggled to find comfort. Even when it was freely given to them.