Not sure about how you can teach your child about God and faith?

Sometimes we believe that professionals run the world. You can’t just wake up one day and suddenly you are a lawyer or doctor or police officer. You need the proper training to work as one.

Perhaps you feel the same way about teaching your child faith. It’s the job of clergy to do this. After all, he went to school for it, right?

Or maybe you feel you don’t have the right connections. Many of the “professionals” of the Bible had God’s direct line. But you’re neither a prophet or apostle or Jesus himself.

All you are is an ordinary parent. One that loves her child. “So how can I teach my child faith?”, you ask.

Simple. We look at the example of Mary, the mother of Jesus.

A Mother’s Prayer of Faith

Mary was about to marry Joseph. And she looked forward to raising a family. It would be a good life.

Then one day, something unexpected happen.

An angel appeared before her with great news. She will conceive a son. And not just any ordinary boy. The Lord God will give him a throne; his kingdom will never end (Luke 1:26-33).

Mary was not a professional talker of her faith. She lived a simple life. But the words she prayed that day speak volumes on how us ordinary people can talk about our faith to our children.

Her response (Luke 1:46-55) is often referred to as the Song of Mary. Her words expressed what she saw and heard. She spoke with heartfelt gratitude about the blessings she received.

She didn’t understand what happened. She couldn’t explain it. But she knew that she had just experienced a God moment.

Mary teaches us that you don’t have to be clergy to talk about God and faith.

You simply share with your child how God touches your heart everyday. You say to your child that he can experience that as well.

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