Feeling helpless? Does your life feel out of control?

The biggest hurricane I’ve ever experienced was Hurricane Iwa.

Iwa was Hawaii’s first significant storm since statehood. It destroyed or severely damaged 2500 buildings. 500 became homeless; four died.

As a kid, Iwa scared me out of my mind.

The winds and rains bent and shook our paper-thin house. I pleaded with my dad that we needed to escape. I thought we were going to die.

Life, too, can sometimes be a storm. It’s not always calm and pleasant for you as a parent or spouse.

Perhaps you find yourself fighting with your partner or child too often. Or perhaps the threat of job loss is becoming a reality. Or perhaps a loved one is dying.

In times like these, life feels as if you were on a boat fighting a strong headwind (Matthew 14:22-33). Far from the safety of dry land, all hope seems lost.

Like the apostle Peter, you start to doubt yourself. Your self-worth fades. You feel a loss of control.

When facing the storms in your life, all you can do is reach out to Jesus and never let go.

You can do this through:

  • prayer
  • reading the Psalms
  • sitting in silent meditation at church
  • seeking the wisdom of a good friend of faith

Doing any thing like this might not make your problems go away. But you can trust that Christ will give you all you need to weather the storm out.

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