Have you ever stopped to think about what God’s voice sounded like? If only Bibles could talk!

Sometimes I think he has the deep voice of a Morgan Freeman or Darth Vader. Or that it’s like a wild wind rushing through a cave.

But if you were an Israelite, perhaps you didn’t want to know:

Let us not hear the voice of the LORD our God nor see this great fire anymore, or we will die (Deuteronomy 18:16 NIV)

They’ve heard God’s true voice. But their words suggest that it’s not meant for human ears.

Scripture disagrees.

Moses heard it. So did Noah. So did Adam and Eve, even after The Fall.

So did Peter, James and John during Jesus’ Transfiguration. So did Saul on his way to Damascus.

And not one of them died right away!

God Wants You to Hear His Voice

The words of the Israelites says more about them than God. They’ve just ended their decades-long journey through the wilderness. The Promised Land was an unknown future that lay before them.

Many were afraid of a future without Moses as their leader. Perhaps they worried about their future relationship with God. Who would speak on their behalf? Who would protect them from God’s wrath?

Whatever their true motivation, they saw themselves unworthy to speak to God one-on-one. Thousands of years later, we haven’t changed much.

We still have moments when we feel unworthy. Our sanity and faith hang from a thin wire. The difference is that we now have an intimate connection with God. We can hear his voice without fear of judgment!

And if you read this, seeking God’s grace yet feel too ashamed to talk with God, don’t be.

We now have someone who speaks with God on our behalf. Someone who acts under God’s full authority.

Yet he is someone humble enough to serves us despite our shortcomings. And this fact is quite comforting. Especially to the lost, the alone and the afraid.

That “someone” is Christ.

With Christ alone, we hear God’s voice. And this comforts us. Especially the lost, the alone and the afraid.

And what does God say? Through Christ, God says, “Yes, I hear you. Yes, I feel your pain and suffering. You are not alone.”

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