Since becoming a parent, I’ve learned to appreciate the Christ birth story in a new light.

Parents: Remember What Your Old Life Was Like?

Life has changed since bringing our new son home.

I used to have greater control over my time. But now my time is not my own.

My quiet times allowed me to re-energize and prepare for the coming week. But now every day has become unpredictable.

Before having a child, my marriage of seven years felt as if we were still on our honeymoon. But now we’re lucky to have one or two hours to ourselves.

My old life no longer exists. But I would never wish my new life to go away. Since this new life entered my own, my life is nothing but unexpected joy.

You can say the same thing about the birth of Christ.

A New Birth That Brings Us New Life

The Bible tells the history of a people that for generations longed for a savior. When Jesus was born, this dream became a reality.

To all who welcomed and received him, they became children of God (John 1:1-18).

They found freedom in their lives. Freedom–not to do whatever they pleased–but from slavery to the ways of this world. They were now full heirs to God’s promises (Galatians 3:23-25; 4:4-7).

The birth of Christ fulfilled God’s promise to build his people up. He clothed his people with “garments of salvation” and “robes of righteousness”. He made them a “crown of beauty in the hand of the Lord” (Isaiah 61:10-62:3)

The Spirit of Christmas is to celebrate new life. A new life entered this world. And in Christ, he gave people new life.

And he does the same for you and your family.

A New Life That Can Be Your Life

Like the people of Scripture, your life is also changed.

Christ gives you new life.

Christ fills this life with a new hope.

Christ makes you a full heir to God’s promises. He comforts you when you grieve. He finds you when you lose your way. He lifts up your spirits. He strengthens you. He makes you fell worthy. He grants you peace (Psalm 147).

Christ has given you everything you need. Through Christ, you can stand tall and proud as a child of God.

So, parents, let me ask you a question… how do you plan on living this life right now?

2015 is fast approaching. And I sure there was a lot in 2014 that you wish never happened or you could do over.

So, in the spirit of this new life you have in Christ, make a fresh start in your life:

  1. Work on becoming a better parent. Let Christ be your role model in how you raise your child. Mirror the love of Christ.
  2. When times get tough, call on Christ first. Nobody is perfect. So don’t beat yourself up when you can’t be the best parent all the time. Just pray. God’s ear is always open to those who seek him.

Above all, live your life boldly in the name of Christ.

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